Why Digital is the Superior Marketing Method

The internet has a very special way of planting relative information right in front of your face. How many times have you searched a certain product and suddenly you’re seeing ads for that same item on every app you open? At times it may seem odd, or even creepy, but you can’t deny that the longer these personalized advertisements follow you around, the higher the likelihood you purchase that item.

This type of retargeting campaign serves as a friendly, persistent reminder of a product or service after someone exits a website without purchasing anything. After a potential consumer visits certain pages on a site, these actions are registered and retargeting will show those same consumers relevant ads while they visit other websites. Retargeting campaigns are most popularly done through Facebook and Google Ads in order to increase interaction with customers and better develop a relationship between the brand and the consumer.

Persistence works. And in terms of television, radio, billboards, direct mail; they’re all forgettable. We mute commercials, drive right past billboards, toss junk mail, and let’s be real: in this age of aux cords and podcasts, who really listens to the radio anymore? These traditional forms of marketing served their purpose and worked once upon a time. But that story has ended and it’s time to pick up a new book. Or, more appropriately put, open a new browser.

We live in the age of information, and people are hungry for it. They research as much as they can before making a purchase and the digital space makes everything customers need to know readily available. Let’s say you’re selling jewelry. A lot of companies sell jewelry, right? Digital marketing allows you to tell your story, explain your brand, and set yourself apart from the rest by convincing consumers why they should pick your products over the others. A

When it comes to the digital space, you’re up against global competition. And that can seem very intimidating. But with all of the avenues and opportunities that online marketing offers, and with the help of the right people (hint hint), you can evolve and expand your methods in order to succeed.

Traditional marketing, on the other hand, leaves no room for error. Its approach is very permanent. You decide you want to do a flash-sale on a product? Your print ad has that item listed at a certain price and there’s no way to change it. You need to move the day or time of your event? The wrong date has already been heard by listeners on the radio. Someone has questions about your company? A potential customer already flew by your billboard on the highway with no way to take down a point of contact.

Let’s say those same scenarios occur, but you’ve gone the digital route. You can update your website and run ads on social media letting customers know that the couch they wanted is 15% off for a limited time. You can immediately alert attendees that a last-minute change has occurred and your grand opening has been pushed from Friday to Saturday. E-mail addresses, phone numbers, and instant messaging are concretely available for customers to reach you in pursuit of your service.

The best part is, these changes and alerts can be made and sent instantaneously at low or zero cost. Digital marketing is far more cost effective than traditional methods. In 2019 it cost $163,422 to run a full page ad in The Washington Post, with the newspaper’s circulation figure at 551,360. The average small business using Google ads spends around $10,000 per month/$120,000 yearly on their online campaign, with over 4.5 billion people active on the internet. That is way more reach for way less cost, and you can directly track the success of your efforts.

If you’re running a smaller business, you can target a much wider audience online because people are coming to you. They’re coming across your website, your posts, your ads, because it’s a direct result to the product they’re interested in. You can spend all day slipping fliers under windshield wipers of every single car in a mall parking lot. Unless the owner of one of those vehicles is coincidentally in need of what you have to offer, that effort was completely useless. Once a potential customer has landed on your website, they’re a few short clicks away from making a purchase. This conversion rate just isn’t possible through traditional forms of marketing, especially if you have no guarantee whether your audience is even interested in what you have to offer.

The time has come to turn those billboards into banner ads. Fliers into e-blasts. Commercials into web pages. Digital marketing is unarguably the superior method when it comes to advertisements and revenue, and our service will help to prove that.

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