Spreading the Word: The Importance of Events on Raising Brand Awareness

Events work to increase brand awareness in several different ways. They create deeper connections between the brand and the consumer, they allow for direct interaction with a product or service, and they provide a sensory experience that cannot be replicated through a screen.

It must be said that events are an extremely powerful tool, but that power isn’t always good. A terrible event will cause considerable damage your brand’s reputation, and that’s on cancel culture. You want to make sure that all details are accounted for and that everything runs smoothly. Consider hiring an event management team to handle the logistics while you focus on the message you want to communicate and the experience you want to provide.

As with most brand-related items, the type of event you should host is going to depend on your industry. Events can follow many different formats, and luckily there is no right or wrong way to put one on. Simply pick the concept that makes the most sense with your brand and run with it. Some examples of different event types include:

Fundraisers/Silent Auctions

If your company is rooted in a special cause, or simply passionate about one, a fundraiser or a silent auction is a great way to raise both money and awareness. Tap into your community and get local businesses involved by requesting donation items, and their attendance, for your event. In doing so, you’re directly spreading the word on your business and what you stand for. You’re giving back as you get.


Retreats are the popular event choice for the motivational and spiritually-geared brands and influencers. They usually involve a multi-day getaway at a destination (think peaceful, remote, relaxing) where each day is fully scheduled for guests. Immersive activities can range from lectures, group talks, meditations, yoga, therapies, you name it. We recommend recruiting influencers to attend your retreat and be the face of the experience: they’ll promote to their followers who will want to join in on the opportunity, too.

Grand Openings

If you just opened a new location, grand opening events are a great way to spread the word. It creates a buzz within the local community, your attendees can browse the new space, and it’s always a good idea to offer samples and other free goodies to showcase your product or service. Run specials, host games with prizes, offer discounts, and be sure to advertise all of this fun on social media beforehand.


If you’re in the fitness realm, a physical competition is likely to spark interest among your current and target audiences. People can invite their friends and it gives the opportunity for anyone to attend, even if it’s just to watch. These events can be indoor or outdoor, single day or multi day, and prize-worthy or just-for-fun.

All of these events have one very special thing in common: face time. Although digital marketing is a powerful tool, and you’ll still need it to advertise, it doesn’t replace human-to-human interaction. The people attending your event will be there to physically interact with your brand: they can look at it, they can see it, they can feel it, they can experience it. And you know how we feel about experiences.

With face time comes another important event benefit: photos. Always remember to include some type of photo station and/or step-and-repeat within your event. You want your name and your logo plastered (tastefully) all over the place in order to increase the chances that it will appear in a photo that is later posted to social media.

This is the part where we recommend inviting influencers to your event, because the pictures they end up posting will expose your brand to thousands of potential consumers. When you’re inviting these influencers to your event, offer free admission, SWAG bags, VIP access, and any other special treatment you can. Some will even charge a fee, but you have to remember that you’re paying for their presence and, well, their influence. It’s well worth investing a handful of marketing dollars into seeing as “…89% [of businesses] say ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better…” than their other marketing tactics. If you’ve never worked with influencers before, here’s a little something (link to influencer: who are they and what purpose do they serve blog) to start getting you familiarized. After you’re familiarized, we suggest asking us (link to info email template) about our Influencer Program.
All in all, events are a marketing powerhouse and a great way to raise awareness. They’re fun, they’re interactive, they’re inclusive, and they’re a way for brand and consumer to finally “meet”. Think you’re ready to host?

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